Our Oil is a 100 percent renewable energy!

 Our Services


Amongst the services available from Aceiterapia is our “Degustation” or “Cata”, in order to learn to value the oil through the senses. Our intention, moreover, is to reach out and pass on the wealth of aromas and flavours of our community to our visitors. Our Tasting Session is available to groups between ten and sixty people, aiming to teach novices, consolidate the experience of amateurs, and woo connoisseurs with:


            -the olfactory, gustative and tactile nuances of an olive oil,

            -the positive or potentially negative attributes of an olive oil,

            -how to dress the profile of a particular olive oil,

            -how to describe and recognise an oil according to its sensory qualities,

            -the optimum methods of an effective tasting session.


            In all, we offer an introductory class to the World of Olive Oil where you can acquire the ability to distinguish an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a spoilt or refined Olive Oil, whilst informing you about the benefits of Olive Oil in Gastronomy and Personal Health.  


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