Manufacturing Process 

100 yeras to the gallon! 

 At Aceiterapia, we are aware that quality needs to run throughout, that each step counts, that every link of the chain is fundamental. Selecting the olives as they come in, we single out the freshest, the ripest, the healthiest and most appetizingly beautiful, then processing them straight away with the most modern machinery.


The production starts by grinding separately the different varieties of olives:  Milling begins on the same day of the olives being picked: Aware of the importance of incorporating new technologies in the process of developing such a unique quality product, we have however made a point of introducing an integrated production system minimizing the impact on the environment: the oil is extracted using a technology that doesn’t produce any harmful emissions and the energy is generated by olives stones). Through the years, we have elaborated a unique extraction system, which does not entail temperature variations or the use of water, thus yielding all  of the oil’s attributes
Then, we objectively check the quality of each batch in our laboratory, in order to chart the best recipes and combinations. Oils are classified according to a strict organoleptic, chemical and sensory analysis. Finally, we jealously store this source of health and vitality that is olive oil, preserving its freshness, its taste, its aroma and its colour: Next to the mill is the cellar, with a large storage capacity, stainless steel tanks, and ideal conditions of light, temperature.







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